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Features and Media

Dream Loaf 2020

A 2017 recorded lecture by Chris titled, "Corrective Readings: Translation in the Age of Trump" is part of Dream Loaf, the new form of the Bread Loaf Environmental Writers' and Translators' Conference.

Enjoy this curation of archived lectures and readings, free and available all summer! Click here.

Reflecting On The Current Crisis With Christopher Merrill

Listen to the latest installment of Iowa Public Radio's River to River where host Ben Kieffer speaks with Chris. They talk about about Chris's thoughts on "the perfect storm" of a co-occuring national racial justice movement and economic downfall due to COVID-19. Listen here!

Interview with Mutiu Olawuyi

Chris was recently interviewed by Mutiu Olawuyi for Artflakes: New World Literary Hub on CBA TV English. Tune into their conversation here!

5 Authors of Brutally Honest and Surprising Memoirs

A nice plug for Self-Portrait with Dogwood from the good folks at

New Poems Published in Life and Legends

Chris has published four pieces of poetry and prose poetry in the non profit journal Life and Legends, called Armenian Stanzas, Instructions for the Winter Solstice, The River, and Stage Presence. Check them out here!

Eco-Thoughts: An Interview with Christopher Merrill

In an interview with Leslie Carol Roberts for The Believer, Chris talks out his thoughts on the ecologies of violence, saying "...I tried to find a language adequate to these forms of violence ecology, which meant, among other things, describing as fully as possible the sights and sounds and textures of war—the strange mixture of boredom and terror, despair and hilarity." Read the entire fascinating interview here.

God's Wife: An Interview with Amanda Michalopoulou

Chris interviews Amanda Michalopoulou about her recently published book God's Wife, a story that started with the question 'What if God had a wife?' Read about how the book talks directly to its reader, how Michalopoulou shaped the character's unique voice, and her emphasis on female narratives. The full interview is on The Paris Review website

Nominated for 2020 Pushcart!

december magazine has selected their 2020 Pushcart Prize nominations, and Chris's piece Three Recordings is one of them! Congratulations, Chris and the other nominees. Learn more about them now!

IWP Director Reflects on Worldwide Career

Here is an in-depth feature published by The Daily Iowan about Christopher's career. It touches on his background, how he stepped in for a program that was on life support and the ways in which he sees the IWP thriving and growing in the years to come. 


Read it here

How Christopher Merrill Created UI's "United Nations of Writers"

A recent feature from The Gazette. It goes into Christopher's early years directing the International Writing Program, where the program is now, and his current endeavors including his plans for his next book, The Trials of Roger Williams: A Biography. 


Read it here!